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Diabetes and Aging

Oct 03, 2019

Nearly one-third of adults over the age of 65 have diabetes. Another one-third of older adults are “prediabetic,” which means they are at high risk of becoming diabetic. Although diabetes is becoming increasingly common among older adults in the United States, there are many unknowns and misunderstandings about this serious medical condition. Some of the […]

Heart Health and Aging

Sep 03, 2019

Everyone knows your body begins to change as you age. Things shift and sag, and your muscles aren’t quite as strong as you remember them being in the past. And don’t get us started on those gray hairs! It’s easy to notice the changes to your hair and skin, but a lot of people tend […]

Combating Loneliness in Older Adults

Jun 05, 2019

Growing older isn’t easy. As you age, your social circle begins to shrink. Friends move away to be closer to their grandchildren. A spouse or close friend dies after an extended illness. Health issues such as hearing loss make conversation a chore, convincing you it just isn’t worth the effort anymore. As adults get older, […]

How to Maintain Brain Function as You Age

May 22, 2019

As your body ages, so does your brain. Older adults may no longer be able to remember dates, the ages of their grandkids or where Cousin Stan moved in 1982. Trouble remembering information is a common problem among older adults. One-third of older adults struggle with their declarative memory, or the part of their brain that stores […]

Active Home Care Partnership With Imperial Club

May 13, 2019

Active Home Care is proud to partner with the Imperial Club Independent and Assisted living community in Aventura, FL, to handle residents’ care needs. Who Is Active Home Care? Active Home Care is a premium caregiver services company in Aventura, FL, serving the entire South Florida area. Our team matches families to professional caregivers who […]

Good Sleep Habits as You Age

May 07, 2019

There’s a common misconception that your need for sleep declines as you get older. While changes in your sleep patterns are a normal aspect of the aging process, your actual sleep needs will remain constant throughout your adult life. Unfortunately, many seniors find it more difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep as they age. […]

Home Modifications for a Senior Who Lives With You

Mar 25, 2019

Table of Contents How to Modify Your Home for Senior LivingGeneral Modifications and Layout ChangesBathroom Modifications for Safety and Ease of UseChanging Your Kitchen for Increased AccessibilityIn-Home Senior Care Referrals From Active Home Care How to Modify Your Home for Senior Living When your loved one plans on aging in place, home modifications for seniors help them […]

Tips for Communicating With Someone With Alzheimer’s Disease

Mar 18, 2019

Table of Contents How To Communicate With Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s DiseaseHow Does Alzheimer’s Disease Change Communication Needs?1. Talking With Someone in the Early Stages of Alzheimer’s2. How to Talk to Someone With Alzheimer’s in the Middle Stages3. Late-Stage Alzheimer’s Communication TechniquesAlzheimer’s and Dementia Services Through Active Home Care How To Communicate With Someone Who Has Alzheimer’s […]

Spending More Time With Your Senior Loved One

Mar 11, 2019

Table of Contents Ways to Spend More Time With Your Senior Loved One1. Make Time Together a Tradition2. Take a Class3. Get Creative With Arts and Crafts4. Connect With the Outdoors5. Discover Your Family HistoryGet Help From Active Home Care Ways to Spend More Time With Your Senior Loved One Doing activities together becomes more […]

Developing a Long-Term Care Plan for an Older Adult

Mar 05, 2019

Table of Contents How to Develop a Long-Term Care Plan for an Older AdultWhat Is Long-Term Care Planning for the Elderly?Why Create a Long-Term Care Plan?Long-Term Care Planning Checklist1. Healthcare2. Housing3. FinancesFind a Caregiver for Long-Term Care at Home How to Develop a Long-Term Care Plan for an Older Adult During our senior years, we […]

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