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Tips for Holidays with Seniors

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Thanksgiving or Christmas is certainly one of the best times to have an exciting family celebration and reunion. But if you have an elderly loved one who needs senior care service, you may be deeply concerned about getting ready for the holidays.

The following tips and ideas will help you make effective holiday preparations for seniors.

Make Traveling Easier

Holiday events often require at least some travel. Tips to make sure the trip is enjoyable for your senior family members include:

  • When you must travel long distances with a senior loved one, ensure the ride is comfortable.
  • Seniors can easily catch a cold. So, if you’re going on a road trip and the weather is quite chilly, take a blanket along.
  • Take a support cushion to improve their posture.
  • Pack all medications you may need while you’re away.

Take Senior-Friendly Foods

You’ll also want to consider the foods that are available. Keep in mind the following:

  • Remember that senior family members can find it a bit difficult to eat due to changes in their dental health.
  • Make certain parts of the Thanksgiving dinner easy for seniors to eat, especially if your family member has dentures.
  • Cut down on salt and use other seasonings instead.
  • Help your loved one cut foods like turkey and other meats into very small pieces they can easily chew.

Safety Tips for Hosting Elderly Guests During the Holiday

Before your elderly guests arrive at your home, here are some preparations that can ensure their safety:

  • De-clutter your home and eliminate all obstacles that could make them fall, including rugs and carpets.
  • Don’t put Christmas decorations on handrails and keep the Christmas tree away from the main walking paths in the house.
  • Improve the lighting all around your home. Turn on hall and bathroom lights and leave them on through the night.
  • Avoid winter hazards. Clear snow and ice from walkways and sidewalks.
  • Instruct all young guests and grandchildren to keep toys off the floor.
  • Make simple home modifications including placing non-slip mats on the floor to reduce the risk of falling.

Help Your Elderly Guest to Avoid Depression

Despite the festive atmosphere, the holidays can bring about depression. Some ways you can help your senior relatives avoid it include:

  • Provide special care if your elderly guest has just had an injury or illness that can trigger depression.
  • Include them in various activities during the day.
  • Assess their mobility, health, finances and emotional well-being.
  • Help them with specific tasks such as baking a favorite holiday recipe, decorating, wrapping presents and sending greeting cards to their loved ones.
  • Encourage them to talk about their feelings rather than telling them to snap out of their depression.

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Involve Seniors in Activities

If an elderly adult wants to be part of the preparations, regardless of physical limitations, allow them to do simple tasks including:

  • Arranging flowers
  • Helping with Christmas tree decorations
  • Sorting out silverware
  • Folding napkins
  • Greasing pans

Provide In-Home Care Services

If your elderly relative has an in-home care provider, invite them to offer their normal homecare assistance and share the holiday with your family. Also arrange for in-house care services like cleaning and transportation, so all your loved one’s needs are properly met.

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